Achieving Real Prosperity in Sustainable Societies:

A New Learning Community at CCCE

Rethinking prosperity is the goal of this CCCE learning community. How can more people live healthier, happier lives with more sustainable economies, and energy supplies that protect the environment? Our research is aimed at understanding how to move beyond current short-term, unstable economic models by finding ways to redefine economic and social relations that work better for more people.

TeamA team of UW faculty and students headed by CCCE director Lance Bennett will gather multimedia resources, write reports, and learn to think synthetically about the many dimensions of personal life quality and the politics and economics that affect them. A central focus is to understand what real prosperity means for people living in different societies and cultures.

We are joined in this venture by John de Graaf, an internationally recognized filmmaker (Affluenza) and author (What’s the Economy For, Anyway?). De Graaf has pioneered new visions of human happiness and fair economies and worked on public policies to provide people with more time and to increase family wellbeing.

Among the goals of this project is for students to help design and continue to develop a new course: “Rethinking Prosperity: Wellbeing in a Sustainable Future”

PDFThe long-term aim is to create a communication network linking universities and civil society organizations in different nations. Instructors, researchers and students from different disciplines will develop new knowledge and find ways to distribute it to general publics, press, and policy makers at local, national, and global levels. Students graduating from these programs will become citizen ambassadors for a sustainable future.

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