The ways people communicate, to whom, and with what effects are crucial elements of vibrant public life. Our contemporary world is defined by rapid changes in uses of both new technologies and traditional communication media. The Center for Communication and Civic Engagement is dedicated to understanding these dynamic media systems in order to promote citizen engagement and effective participation in local, national, and global affairs. The Center has a broad range of research capabilities and learning programs that involve faculty and students at the University of Washington, as well as local community partners and scholars around the world.


CCCE hosts “Seattle Journalism’s Possible Futures” Panel

Joy Resmovits (Seattle Times), Anika Anand (Evergrey), Jill Jackson (KUOW),…

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CCCE PhD Candidate Yunkang Yang’s research highlights evolving media sphere through analysis of Ford/Kavanaugh Hearing

PhD Candidate Yunkang Kang joined colleagues from the University of Canberra, Purdue University,…

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